Friday, May 31, 2024

Opportunities in AI and Mental Health - an in-person roundtable discussion

2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Michigan Union
Room TBD 

Join e-Hail for a discussion on AI-powered approaches and tools to improve mental health for individuals and at scale. e-HAIL is a joint Michigan Medicine/College of Engineering initiative that aims to make U-M a premier hub for research that innovates in health through AI.

Photo from the 2023 e-HAIL In-Person Conversation: Emerging Issues in AI and Health.

Mental health indicators have been worsening in the US and beyond, increasing the need for timely therapy interventions and better predictive tools for understanding those at high risk for mental health conditions, including for near-immediate and severe concerns. At the same time, the rapid advances in AI and natural language processing have increased interest in the development of AI-based tools to alleviate rising mental health concerns. At U-M, research projects in this domain have included work on AI assistance for therapists/counselor professionals, mood detection from speech, use of mHealth devices for mental health monitoring, and more.

At this interactive e-HAIL session, U-M researchers will briefly present some current “mental health & AI” projects, focusing on new collaborations and ways to utilize additional data sources as they become available. This will be followed by table discussions focused on different topics, including topics from the showcase and other topics/problems/innovations that participants are interested in exploring. 

With this roundtable conversations, we aim to:

  • identify list of challenges and potential paths to solutions
  • facilitate new collaborations 
  • work together on a white paper identifying a roadmap for this space (pending interest)

We look forward to seeing you for a lively exchange of ideas and information about newly available health data resources, which are sure to spark new collaboration ideas. 

Questions? Contact J. Henrike Florusbosch, Ph.D., e-HAIL Program Manager, at [email protected].