About the Microbiology & Immunology Department

Professor and Student working in a lab
The Microbiology and Immunology Department at the University of Michigan strives to conduct cutting edge basic and translational research, provide outstanding instruction and mentorship and to enrich the institution and the scientific community through our service. This tripartite mission is at the heart of all that we do. We also seek to be an inclusive and diverse community that fosters the best opportunities for scholarship and discovery in each of us.
Collectively, we conduct research in microbial pathogenesis and immunology using the tools of molecular biology, genetic screens, cell culture, models of infection, molecular imaging, transgenic animals, and bioinformatics. We also have deep expertise in microbiome studies and computational biology. We are training the next generation of scientists. Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows work side-by-side with principal investigators to test hypotheses of medical and scientific importance. Laboratory training is supplemented with rigorous coursework, seminar series, journal clubs, and presentation of research findings at national meetings.
Our faculty teach medical, dental, allied health, master's, Ph.D. and undergraduate students. In addition, they serve locally to help conduct the work of the medical school and serve nationally in their respective professional organizations and on advisory boards of government panels. Faculty participate in peer review of manuscripts and grant applications for journals and funding agencies, respectively. Faculty, postdocs, doctoral students, undergraduates, research staff, and the administrative support staff all work together to further our missions of conducting medical and scientific research, training the next generation of scientists, teaching the University’s student body, and serving the medical school, the scientific community and the public.
We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic members to join our teams and we love to hear news from our alumni! We also invite you to contribute to the work we are doing using the blue giving button on the left hand menu. If interested in any aspect of the department or if you just want to send a note, you can send an email to our current chair, Dr. Beth Moore at [email protected].