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Four graduate students in cap and gown, at graduation ceremony

Graduation Ceremony, December 18, 2022. From left to right: Helen Warheit-Niemi (Beth Moore Lab), Matt Schnizlein (Vincent Young Lab), Edmond Atindaana (Alice Telesnitsky Lab) and Eli Olson (Malini Raghavan Lab). Congratulations!


2022–2023 Ph.D. Graduates

Megan Procario (Imperiale Lab), 2023
"Single Cell High Content Microscopy Analysis of BK Polyomavirus Infection"

Amanda Photenhauer (Koropatkin Lab), 2023
"Carbohydrate Binding Molecule 74 (CBM74) is a specialized resistant starch binding domain" 

Aric Brown (Mobley Lab), 2023
The Role of the ArcA Metabolic Regulator in Gram-Negative Bacteremia" 

Austin Campbell (Schmidt Lab), 2023
"Metabolism of Dietary Fiber by Human Gut Microbes: Interspecies Interactions and the influence of Molecular Hydrogen"


2021–2022 Ph.D. Graduates

Stephanie Thiede (Evan Snitkin lab), July 2, 2021
“Genomic epidemiological insights  into MRSA transmission and adaptation in an urban jail and the surrounding community” 

Anna Lisa Lawrence (Mary O'Riordan lab), December 7, 2021
“Human intestinal organoids as a model to study intestinal infection by the foodborne pathogen Salmonella enterica”

Chris Sumner (Akira Ono lab), January 21, 2022
“tRNA binding and displacement: implications of specific membrane binding of HIV-1 gag”

Yolanda Rivera-Cuevas (Vernon Carruthers lab), March 10, 2022
Toxoplasma gondii exploits the host ESCRT machinery for parasite uptake of host cytosolic proteins”

Elissa Hult (Bethany Moore lab), March 14, 2022
“The role of M2 macrophages and their product, HB-EGF, as regulators of lung fibrosis” 

Nick Lesniak (Pat Schloss lab), March 15, 2022
“The effect of gut microbiota variation on Clostridioides difficile infection”

Emily Yarosz (Cheong-Hee Chang lab), March 18, 2022
“Novel roles for cullin 3 in T cell-mediated immunity” 

Zachary Mendel (Joel Swanson lab), April 21, 2022
“The role of extracellular amino acids in the regulation of macropinocytosis”

Edmond Atindaana (Alice Telesnitsky lab), April 25, 2022
“High throughput analysis of integrant-specific HIB-1 expression patterns, persistence and latency reactivation”

Matt Schnizlein (Vincent Young lab), April 27, 2022
“Examining regional differences in the gut microbiota and their effects on Clostridioides difficile colonization resistance”

Eli Olson (Malini Raghavan lab), April 28, 2022
“Endo-lysosomal assembly variations among human leukocyte antigen B allotypes in monocytes and moDCs”

Madeline Barron (Vincent Young lab), April 29, 2022
“Investigating bacterial intestinal colonization through the lens of systems biology”

Filipe Cerqueira (Nicole Koropatkin lab), June 6, 2022
“Uncovering biochemical features of resistant starch degradation by Ruminococcus bromli” 

Helen Warheit-Niemi (Bethany Moore lab), August 11, 2022
“The regulation of neutrophil function and trafficking in pulmonary fibrosis”

Lisa Tran Pulianmackal (Anthony Vecchiarelli lab), October 21, 2022.
“Role of ParA/MinD ATPases in the spatial regulation of bacterial cargos”