Advancing to Candidacy

Before the end of fall term of the Year 2, The Microbiology & Immunology Grad Studies Committee will assess each student for advancement to candidacy.  In order to advance, students must pass the preliminary oral exam (Checkpoint 1), maintain academic performance standards according to Rackham, and have a written letter of support from their research mentor. Each student's academic record and laboratory progress will be reviewed. The final approval as to whether the student is advanced to candidacy will incorporate the totality of the student's record. Approved students' paperwork will be completed so that they advance officially with Rackham at the beginning of winter term. 

The department will complete and submit to the Graduate School a Recommendation for Candidacy Form. This form certifies that a student has completed departmental requirements for Candidacy.

Certificate of Candidacy

When the Office of Academic Records & Dissertations receives the Candidacy Recommendation Form, the staff will review the student's academic record to determine whether all of the Rackham requirements for the doctorate (except the dissertation) have been completed, and that the student has met the minimum Rackham Fee Totals for coursework done prior to Candidacy. Once that information has been verified and the Candidacy process has been completed, the student may request a Certificate of Candidacy.

For more details about this process and advancing to candidacy, please visit the Rackham Graduate School's Academic Policies site (