MacNeal Dissertation Award

The Ward J. MacNeal Educational and Scientific Memorial Trust Distinguished Dissertation Award for University of Michigan Microbiology and Immunology Graduates

This award honors Ward J. MacNeal (A.B. 1901, Ph.D. 1904, M.D. 1905, Honorary Sc.D. 1939). Dr. MacNeal was a pathologist who specialized in cancer research and was a noted authority on bacteria and phage. From 1912 until his death in 1946, Dr. MacNeal served as professor of bacteriology and director of the Bacteriology Service at New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital. This award has been made possible by a gift from the estate of Charlotte Etzold MacNeal (A.B. 1932), the wife of Ward MacNeal's son, Perry S. MacNeal (A.B. 1933, M.D. 1936, Residency 1940).

This departmental award is given to a Ph.D graduate from a pool of nominees each academic year. Nominees are reviewed for:

  1. Overall scholarly credentials
  2. Degree of innovation, creativity, and insight
  3. Scope and importance of the work
  4. Effectiveness of the writing, including whether it is written in language that is reasonably understandable to readers in a variety of disciplines

History of Recipients

2022 Yolanda Rivera-Cuevas
Mentor, Vern Carruthers

2021 Robert Glowacki
Mentor, Eric Martens

2020 Sukhmani Bedi
Mentor, Akira Ono

2019 JT McCrone
Mentor, Adam Lauring

2018 Hayley Warsinske
Mentor, Denise Kirschner

2017 David Collins
Mentor, Kathleen Collins

2016 Mary McCarthy
Mentor, Jason Weinberg

2015 Joseph Zackular
Mentor, Patrick Schloss

2014 Nicole Broekema
Mentor, Michael Imperiale

2013 Jeff Perry
Mentor, Christiane Wobus

2012 Vineela Chukkapalli
Mentor, Akira Ono

2011 Erin C. Garcia
Mentor, Harry Mobley

2010 K.T. Elliott
Mentor, Victor DiRita

2008 Johanna Abend
Mentor, Michael Imperiale

2006 John-Demian Sauer
Mentor, Michele Swanson

2006 Michael J. McConnell
Mentor, Michael Imperiale

2005 Jessica S. Tyler
Mentor, David Friedman

2004 Ari B. Molofsky
Mentor, Michele Swanson

2003 Wenfeng An
Mentor, Alice Telesnitsky

2002 Ping Ye
Mentor, Denise Kirschner

2000 Julie K. Pfeiffer
Mentor, Alice Telesnitsky

1999 Melody Neely
Mentor, David Friedman