Jeffrey Platt

Jeffrey L. Platt, M.D.

Professor of Surgery
Professor of Microbiology and Immunology


1150 W. Medical Center Drive

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-5656


Areas of Interest

Dr. Platt conducts basic and translational research in immunology, especially pertaining to transplantation, cancer, infection and development and cell biology, especially pertaining to cell-matrix interaction and mechanisms of transformation.  His work has been communicated in 600 publications and 5 books and recognized by election to the National Academy of Medicine, Association of American Physicians, and various awards.  He holds patients for various immune modulators, therapeutics for cancer and procedures for animal genetics.

Honors & Awards

Alpha Omega Alpha—University of Southern California School of Medicine (1976)

Della M. Mudd Resident, Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles (1979-1980)

Clinician Scientist, American Heart Association (1983‑1988)

Established Investigator, American Heart Association (1988‑1993)

Dorothy W. and Joseph W. Beard Professor, Duke University (1994‑1998)

National Academy of Medicine (formerly, the Institute of Medicine), National Academy of Sciences (elected 1997)

Association of American Physicians (elected 1998)

MERIT Award—National Institutes of Health (2002-2012)

Fellow American Heart Association (2003)

Boot Award (2005)



RO1AI122369 (Platt PI; Fox PI) Hepatocyte xenografts for treatment of acute liver failure

RO1OD023138 (Piedrahita PI; Platt Co-PI) Immunodeficient pigs for stem cell based regenerative medicine

RO1 AI151588-01 (Cascalho PI; Platt PI) Donor-specific B cells in transplantation

R21 AI159219 (Cascalho PI; Platt PI) TNRSF13B polymorphisms and the control of innate B cell responses – a double edged sword

W81XWH-18-1-0721 (DoD PRMRP) Mutable vaccines for emerging infectious threats (Cascalho PI; Platt co-PI)

W81XWH-19-RTTP (DoD Idea) Effect of Peritransplant C3d Blockade and ischemia on chronic rejection and vasculopathy in an experimental OMC flap model of VCA (Kaufman PI; Platt Part-I)

Published Articles or Reviews

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