November 22, 2016

Congratulations Dr. Michael Imperiale- EBS teaching award

The EBS teaching award goes to...
Mike Imperiale.


The Endowment for the Basic Sciences has selected faculty from each of its units to honor their teaching efforts at the medical school and beyond.  As you know, Mike is a long standing member of the team that puts together the Infectious Diseases sequence for the first year medical students.  As far as I remember, he has been doing this before and since I arrived in 2004.  Not only does he put in substantial time in the organization, quiz construction, and curriculum liason-ing (I just made up a word), but he has delivered popular and consistently highly rated lectures to the medical for many years.  Importantly, this is consistently the host highly rated course taken by the first year medical students.  The course also has one of the highest in person attendance rates (all lectures are taped and available to students on demand).


Mike will be honored at a January luncheon for all awardees.


Congratulations Mike.