May 24, 2017

Adam Lauring, MD, PhD, wins prestigious Burroughs Wellcome Award

We are delighted to announce that Assistant Professor Adam Lauring wins Burroughs Wellcome Fund "Investigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease" Award.

Dr. Lauring, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Internal Medicine (Division of Infectious Diseases) and Microbiology & Immunology, was awarded for his research on the evolution of pathogen virulence and transmissibility. His laboratory seeks to understand mechanisms of viral evolution as they relate to pathogenesis and antiviral resistance in infected hosts. He also studies aspects of evolutionary theory in the context of the host-pathogen interface using molecular virology, small animal models, and newer genomic technologies. His particular interests lie in defining the relationship between population diversity and viral phenotype in poliovirus, influenza, and other medically important RNA viruses.

The Investigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease award provides $500,000 over five years to support accomplished investigators at the assistant professor level to bring multidisciplinary approaches to the study of human infectious disease. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for accomplished investigators still early in their careers to study what happens at the points where the systems of humans and potentially infectious agents connect. This is a highly competitive award program (current success rate is 8.3%!) intended to provide the freedom and flexibility to pursue new avenues of inquiry, stimulating higher risk research projects that hold potential for significantly advancing understanding of how infectious diseases work and how health is maintained.

This is a well deserved honor!