October 24, 2017

M&I's Dr. Telesnitsky wins renewal of large NIH center grant!

Congratulations to Alice Telesnitsky and her team on the renewal of her NIH U54 award from NIGMS!

The department is very proud to announce that Dr. Telesnitsky and her team and collaborators have been awarded the renewal of their large NIH U54 center grant from the NIGMS. The project is entitled "The Center for HIV-1 RNA Studies (CRNA)" and will be funded from September 2017 through September of 2022. The CRNA is a multidisciplinary team of scientists dedicated to advancing understanding of the structures and molecular processes during HIV-1 replication that involve RNA. The current center has been tremendously productive and is now recognized by this $25 million renewal award. The project is a highly collaborative effort which includes Dr. Telesnitsky's colleagues from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, Stanford University, Rutgers University, CUNY, Duke University, The Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Case Western Reserve University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Harvard College, University of Virginia, Rockefeller University and Washington University.

Congratulations to Dr. Telesnitsky and her dynamic team on this extraordinary achievement!