May 29, 2020

Micro & Immuno News COVID-19 and More

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May 29, 2020

Phase 2 openings:

The next series of buildings to open will happen on Monday, June 8th, 2020.  They include MSRB 1,2,3, MBNI, NCRC 14,23,36,60,90 and the vivariam only in NCRC 26,35.

Beth will be in touch with Lab PIs by end of day with approved numbers of users per lab based on occupancy.  Med Sci II should be the next phase based on my understanding, which will hopefully happen by mid-June.

Updated parking enforcement info: Beginning June 8, Medical Campus structures will be enforced.  This includes the following structures: Glen, Ann, Catherine, Wall Street and P1-P5 Structures (P1-P5 are already enforced).  Medical Campus surface lot permit enforcement will be restored July 1.  

Palmer and Fletcher structures (these are not technically considered Medical Campus--do not have the "M" prefix), as well as all parking areas on Medical, North, Central and South campuses will be enforced as of July 1.

This site is updated regularly with latest information:

Wow!  Check out this site to see the wrap up from the 2020 Virtual Klebsiella Pathogenesis Seminar Series

372 registered participants and lots of great press at #KlebClub2020.  10 speakers were from 4 continents, and participants were from 5 continents, so it was a truly international seminar series! Nice work Jay Vornhagen and Laura Mike for organizing!


May 27, 2020

COVID testing update:  Dr. Chuck Parkos, Chair of Pathology presented to the EBS today on the current testing capacity here at Michigan.  I share some of his key slides and messages below.  Sorry for the poor quality as they are screen shots.


We have 4 different PCR based tests to detect viral RNA.  Current capacity is about 1900 tests per day, with 3 more machines ordered for the Diasorin test to increase capacity to over 2200 per day.  Our hospital lab sent back the Abbot ID now machines due to the poor specificity of that test. 

The hospital also has 2 different serology test available with good sensitivity and specificity when tested on in house samples as indicted below.  These tests show 98% concordance with each other.


The following slide shows the testing capacity—Diasorin can be 3000-4000 tests per day and Euroimmune 50-500 tests per day. These assays require 3 mls of blood.   Note that the lateral flow tests that you have heard advertised that take just drops of blood from a finger prick have not been made widely available for testing.  The final row of this chart shows an in house developed serology test under development.