July 1, 2021

Please welcome Kole Tison to our Department

Kole is an incoming PIBS student who is doing a summer rotation in the Raghavan lab. Kole has a B.S. in Cell Biology and Neuroscience from Montana State University. At Montana State University, Kole worked on a novel epitope multimerization strategy for identification of synaptic proteins in Drosophila melanogaster. Post-graduation, he worked as an intramural research training assistant in Ethan Shevach’s lab. His project focused on characterizing the role of Helios, an Ikaros family transcription factor, in CD4+ Foxp3- T cells. Kole’s current research interests include immunological tolerance, cellular therapy, and molecular genetics. In his free time, Kole enjoys making music (guitar, voice and also the trumpet).