Henning Andersen

Henning Andersen, MD, PhD

Aarhus University (Denmark)
Professor and Head of Research, Department of Neurology

Areas of Interest

Restoring nerve function in diabetic- and immune-mediated neuropathy

Clinical Interests

Dr. Andersen is broadly interested in nerve function during neuropathy, both in individuals with diabetes and with immune-mediated nerve destruction. He is using an imaging technique called magnetic resonance neurography in type 1 and 2 diabetes patients to study nerve function and develop better methods for diagnosing neuropathy. Through large population studies, Dr. Andersen is also identifying risk factors that predispose individuals to neuropathy and developing strategies to prevent it. Although neuropathy affects sensory nerves in diabetes, Dr. Anderson is also interested in studying motor function and loss of muscle strength in diabetes patients. He is investigating a class of molecules, the neurotrophins, that may be involved in the pathology of neuropathy and how they may affect muscle strength. He is also conducting clinical trials to evaluate therapies for immune-mediated neuropathies.


  • MD, Faculty of Health, Aarhus University, 1991
  • Diploma in Medical Research, Aarhus University, 1991
  • PhD, Motor function in type 2 diabetes mellitus, Aarhus University, 1999