June 7: Message from Dr. Eva Feldman

Lab Reopens

June 7, 2020

Dear friends,

Our summer is off to a promising start on a variety of fronts, including our laboratory reopening just before Memorial Day! Protocols are in place to ensure staff safety.

Even though the majority of our bench work took a 2 ½ month pause, I’m incredibly proud to share that in 2020 we have already published 18 scientific articles in high quality medical journals reporting our scientific progress in diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and ALS. We are translating our laboratory findings into the clinic, as documented in our articles. We’d like to thank Robert and Katherine Jacobs, Alene and Jeff Lipshaw, John Rakolta Jr., Katherine Rayner, the Sinai Medical Staff Foundation, the Taubman family and all our many donors for their tremendous support of our research. And the year is not half done yet!

May 21
Laboratory reopened with social distancing
Scientific papers already published in 2020
Scientific papers with attention scores in top 10% of all research articles
Neurology Today Circle

JAMA Neurology, a high impact journal in our field, informed us that 2,000 people have viewed our “Voicing the Need for ALS Environmental Research” article in the last two months. That article prompted a national story by the magazine of the American Academy of Neurology, Neurology Today, in May.

I will be speaking “virtually” at an Environmental Workshop hosted by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine on June 25. My talk is chaired by the Director of the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke and will focus on how pollutants and toxins in Michigan link to ALS. This is a one day public workshop open to everyone and I would strongly encourage you to look at the agenda, and consider attending all or any part of the day.

Drs. Stacey Jacoby, Cameron Fergus and I edited a volume of Neurobiology of Diseasewhich debuted last week. The special issue topic is metabolism, cognition and the brain throughout life, and includes our introductory editorial. My plan is to present a public virtual discussion of the findings of this volume in September, but in the meantime, stay away from the cheeseburgers and fries!

Dr. Feldman Thanks The Pranger Family

As you may know, Scott L. Pranger endowed our ALS Clinic, now known as the Pranger ALS Clinic, in May with a $2 million gift. I’ve included a video (at right) thanking Scott and his family. The Pranger ALS Clinic will sustain and improve the care we provide to patients now and in the future, thanks to Scott’s enormous generosity.

Since I last wrote you, we also submitted three grants to pursue the relationship between COVID-19 and diabetes, which desperately needs more research. I will keep you posted, but the hospital census and outpatient clinics are returning to normal. It is definitely safe to come and resume your regular medical care. And as always, contact me if I may be of any help to you in anyway.

Warmest Regards,


Eva L. Feldman, MD, PhD
Russell N. DeJong Professor of Neurology
Director, NeuroNetwork for Emerging Therapies