Kevin Chen, MD

Kevin Chen, MD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Stem Cell Transplants in ALS

Applying stem cell therapies to treat neurological diseases

Dr. Chen is a clinically practicing neurosurgeon with sub-specialty training in stereotactic/functional neurosurgery, which utilizes techniques to precisely target specific areas in the brain. His overarching goal is to use his clinical experience with patients to inform his research, and in turn bring discoveries from the laboratory to patients in the form of new and innovative therapies.

Dr. Chen is interested in stem cells, and in particular induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS). These cells are created from tissue that is easily obtainable from patients, for example skin cells, and quickly grown in a culture dish. By genetically reprogramming these cells, they revert back to a “stem cell” state and can then be formed into nerve cells to form new brain connections. Dr. Chen is studying how these connections may impact ALS. The ability to regulate nerve activity with new nerve connections could eventually also be applied to other neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, as well as other conditions, such as epilepsy, stroke, chronic pain, and sychiatric diseases.


  • BA, Neuroscience and Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University, 2007
  • MD, Duke University, 2011
  • Residency, Neurological Surgery, University of Michigan, 2011-18
  • Stereotactic/Functional Neurosurgery Fellowship, Stanford University, 2018-19

Honors & Awards

  • Julian T. Hoff TUniversityeaching Award, 2018
  • John C. McGillicuddy Leadership Award, 2018
  • Learning Environment Task Force Award, University of Michigan, 2017
  • NINDS R25 University of Michigan Clinical Neuroscientist Training Program, 2014-16
  • Resident Academic Achievement Award, University of Michigan, 2015
  • Dean's Scholarship, Duke University School of Medicine, 2007-10

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