June 10, 2020

Once a Mentee (of Dr. Feldman), Now a Professor

A former member of Dr. Feldman's lab, Dr. James Dowling has been promoted to Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto.

He is a doctor, a healer and one of the most noted researchers on terrible muscle diseases that afflict children, and now he is also newly appointed full Professor, Dr. James Dowling.

Jim, as he is known, is now a Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto.

This promotion comes as no surprise to Dr. Eva Feldman and the others who worked with Jim in her lab.

photo of Dr. Eva Feldman of the NeuroNetwork for Emerging Therapies and Dr. James Dowling of the University of Toronto after he gave Neurology Grand Rounds at Michigan MedicineDr. Eva Feldman & Dr. James Dowling after he presented at Neurology Grand Rounds at Michigan Medicine.

Before joining the University of Toronto in 2013, Dr. Dowling was a clinician and researcher with his own laboratory at Michigan Medicine, completing both his post-doctoral and neuromuscular fellowships under the mentorship of Dr. Eva Feldman. 

“I knew Jim was special the moment he began work in my lab,” explained Dr. Feldman. “He embodies the ideal clinician-scientist: an invaluable childlike enthusiasm for discovering the inner workings of childhood neuromuscular disorders, coupled with patience and kindness that allows him to really connect with those he is trying to help.

“He has become a true friend and colleague, and so very much deserves this recognition.”

Dr. Dowling was also the first Emerging Scholar of the A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute, which Dr. Feldman directed at the time.

Dr. Dowling is one of the leading authorities on congenital myopathies - crippling childhood muscle diseases. “These are conditions that often have very devastating consequences for the children who have them,” he said on his profile for SickKids.ca.

He also holds positions as Staff Physician at the Hospital for Sick Children and Chief Medical Officer of Deep Genomics at the University of Toronto.

The NeuroNetwork for Emerging Therapies congratulates Professor and Dr. Jim Dowling!