June 30, 2020

PNS 2020 Features Three NeuroNetwork Research Studies

The Annual Meeting of the Peripheral Nerve Society featured presentations by Dr. Amy Rumora, Dr. Stephanie Eid and Dr. Gulcin Akinci.

The Peripheral Nerve Society is an international non-profit organization of scientists, physicians, and other healthcare providers working together to investigate and treat diseases of the peripheral nervous system. 

July 27-30 they held their Annual Meeting, this year virtually due to COVID-19.  Dr. Amy Rumora, Dr. Stephanie Eid and Dr. Gulcin Akinci presented their groundbreaking work.  Learn about each with video summaries below.

Amy Rumora, PhD

Novel Plasma Metabolomic Signatures Associated with Diabetic Neuropathy in a Cohort with Screen-Tested Type 2 Diabetes: ADDITION-Denmark


Stephanie Eid, PhD

MTORC1 and 2 Signaling: Double the Trouble in Diabetic Neuropathy


Gulcin Akinci, MD

Dietary Weightloss Shows Promise in Halting Progression of Polyneuropathy in the Obesity