October 18, 2021

PBS/Detroit Public Television Features Dr. Eva Feldman on Long COVID

"We’ve had multi-millions of cases of COVID in this country. I mean let’s do the math, when 20 percent of those individuals – we’re talking about millions of individuals who have long COVID, those individuals are really impaired."  Dr. Eva Feldman speaks to One Detroit's Bill Kubota on Detroit Public Television about Long COVID.

The COVID Long Haulers

"More than a year and a half later – COVID-19 and the aftermath – so many millions stricken and millions are still suffering. They’re the COVID long-haulers, dealing with long COVID many months after catching the virus. Medical research is ongoing. What do we know now and what more is there to learn? One Detroit’s Bill Kubota has been talking to some of the experts in Southeastern Michigan about long COVID along with some who are trying to shake an illness that has attacked their bodies in some very different ways."




portrait of Dr. Eva Feldman

Eva Feldman, MD, PhD

James W. Albers Distinguished University Professor of Neurology
Russell N. DeJong Professor of Neurology
Director, NeuroNetwork for Emerging Therapies
Director, ALS Center of Excellence