February 14, 2022

Dr. Stephanie Eid Chosen for NeuroDiab Discovery Team

NeuroNetwork team member offers the first article for the international group of promising young scientists that publishes the latest news and research for the diabetic neuropathy community.  

On the heels of winning Angelika Bierhaus Young Investigator's Award for Pre-Clinical Science last summer, Neurodiab recently honored Stephanie Eid, Ph.D., with an invitation to its newly formed Discovery Team. The team, an international group of promising young scientists, identifies publication news, as valuable for its "novelty or advancement in knowledge or comprehensive approach or little-explored topic or clinical usefulness or support to a paradigm shift or whatever you deem worthy of attention for your colleagues." They summarize the article and comment on novel aspects and strengths or limitations of the study.

For Dr. Eid's first contribution, "Publication News 5," she chose a study published by a Spanish team in Molecular Metabolism. She explained her choice:

"Being a basic and translational researcher, I wanted to highlight to the Neurodiab community recent studies done on murine models, not just clinical studies. I picked this study in particular because it is the first proteomics (large-scale study of proteomes, a set of proteins produced in an organism, system, or biological context) study performed in the db/db mouse, a robust model of type 2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy, which identified energetic deficiency as a key player in nerve damage."

Neurodiab is "a response to some needs that had emerged in the field of diabetic neuropathy: to address the challenge of advancement in knowledge and research results, to allow for the exchange and discussion between researchers and the translation of results from basic to the clinical field, and to facilitate debate between peers from Europe and beyond."