July 12, 2022

ANA Announces Dr. Stephanie Eid as Winner of the Wolfe Neuropathy Research Prize

The Rose C. and Nathan L. Milstein Family Emerging Scholar will be presented with the award at the American Neurological Association's Annual Meeting in Chicago this October.

The American Neurological Association (ANA) announced that it will be presenting Rose C. and Nathan L. Milstein Family Emerging Scholar Stephanie Eid, PhD,  with the Wolfe Neuropathy Research Prize.  The award was established in 2009 by Mr. Winston Wolfe and the ANA and honors outstanding investigators who identify a new cause or novel treatment of axonal peripheral neuropathy.

Stephanie Eid, PhD, photo
Stephanie Eid, PhD

"I am truly humbled and grateful to be recognized by the American Neurological Association for this award," said Dr. Eid. "So many exceptional researchers whom I deeply respect have been prior recipients and it is an absolute privilege and honor to be among them. Peripheral neuropathy is a complex and disabling complication of diabetes; but with each new discovery, we are making it less mysterious and giving hope to those suffering from its effects! Of course, none of this would be possible without my mentor, Dr. Eva Feldman's support and vision and my friends and colleagues' help and hard work. I am overjoyed and extremely grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such a dedicated group."

The ANA announced the Wolfe Prize alongside its other 2022 scientific awards, which will be presented during the 147th ANA Annual Meeting, held October 22–25, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois. When she receives the award, Dr. Eid will give a presentation about her work entitled "Schwann Cells in Diabetic Neuropathy: Drivers of Disease or Just the Passengers?”

a schwann cell
Schwann Cells

“This year’s honorees reflect the exceptional, innovative work taking place in academic neurology and neuroscience, as we push the boundaries of understanding of the brain and nervous system,” said ANA President Frances Jensen, MD, FACP, FANA, professor and chair of the Department of Neurology at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. “It is gratifying to be able to honor their contributions to the field in person—along with the other neurology and neuroscience leaders whose work will be highlighted across our many sessions at ANA2022. Neurology cuts to the core of how we experience the world, and our members are continually improving the quality of life for people worldwide.”

photo of Dr. Sami Barmada
Sami Barmada, MD, PhD

Fellow Michigan Medicine researcher Sami Barmada, MD, PhD, will also receive the Derek Denny-Brown Young Neurological Scholar Award in Basic Science, "given annually to new ANA members who have achieved significant stature in neurological research, whose work shows promise, and who are expected to continue making major contributions to the field of neurology."  Dr. Barmada will present "Therapeutic Implications of Convergent Disease Mechanisms in ALS and FTD.”

Please join us in congratulating the awards recipients.