July 22, 2022

World Brain Day 2022

This year's theme "Brain Health for All" is already an important initiative for the NeuroNetwork for Emerging Therapies.  Watch our core researchers share some of this research, along with some important messages about the World Federation of Neurology's World Brain Day.


More about World Brain Day from the World Federation of Neurology:

"World Brain Day (WBD) 2022 is dedicated to the theme “Brain Health for all” as our brains continue to be challenged by pandemics, wars, climate change and the myriad of disorders impacting human existence globally.

The brain consists of many billions of electrical wires known as neurons.
This distance is the equivalent of traveling around the earth four times in a row! It is thought that there are about a hundred billion neurons within the human brain. There are about ten trillion connections between these neurons that help us read, write, watch, learn, plan, think, feel, move, and solve problems daily.

WBD 2022 is dedicated to the theme “ Brain Health for all”.

WBD 2022 campaign will be focusing on these five key messages globally:

  • Awareness: Brain health is vital for mental, social, and physical wellbeing.
  • Prevention: Many brain diseases are preventable.
  • Advocacy: Global efforts are required for optimal brain health.
  • Education: Education for all is key for brain health.
  • Access: Equitable access to resources, treatment, and rehabilitation is essential for brain health.

We invite neurologists, neuroscientists, health professionals, trainees, technologists, advocacy bodies, patient support groups, and other activists to become part of the 2022 World Brain Day campaign."