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May 1, 2023

A Roadmap to ALS Prevention

In "A roadmap to ALS prevention: strategies and priorities" Drs. Eva Feldman and Stephen Goutman joined a group in publishing how it is possible to move toward making ALS a preventable disease in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychology.

a graphic depicting data science
April 20, 2023

Perspectives: Responsible Data Science Gets MIDAS Touch

Evan Reynolds, Ph.D., was part of a very select group of data scientists invited to the annual Future Leaders Summit by the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS). This year's theme was "Responsible Data Science and AI," and Dr. Reynolds shared his perspective on the hot-button topic and how it affects his study of diabetes complications

photo of Dr. Eva Feldman speaking at the Diabetic Foot Conference in India
April 17, 2023

U-M CCAS Covers New Research in India

The University of Michigan's Center for South Asian Studies shared the expansion of a research collaboration between Dr. Eva Feldman and Dr. Vijay Viswanathan of the M.V. Hospital for Diabetes in Chennai (India). Together they are laying the groundwork for studying Alzheimer’s disease and AD-related dementias in the Asian country.

April 14, 2023

Diabetes Research Receiving National Media Attention

After Michigan Medicine's Health Lab blog covered new research in Diabetologia by Evan Reynolds, Ph.D., and Brian Callaghan, M.D., Ph.D. only a week ago, a growing number of national media outlets picked up the story.

April 13, 2023

"The Great Age Reboot" on PBS features Dr. Eva Feldman

Award-winning director Keith Famie featured Dr. Eva Feldman in "The Great Age Reboot" which aired on PBS. See her interview as she joins other leading experts from around the world to "help reveal the ways to lengthen lifespans will improve our culture, economy, work lives, and personal finances."

photo of Dr. Stephanie Eid
April 12, 2023

Grant to Uncover Therapy Targets for Diabetic Neuropathy

Stephanie Eid, Ph.D., received a Pilot/Feasibility Grant from the Michigan Diabetes Research Center to investigate Schwann cells and extracellular vesicles under healthy and disease conditions. If successful, these findings will lead to new therapeutic targets for diabetic neuropathy, which right now has no effective treatments.

April 7, 2023

A New Hope for Treatment of Diabetic Complications

Michigan Medicine's Health Lab blog covered new research in Diabetologia from a team led by Evan Reynolds, Ph.D., and Brian Callaghan, M.D., Ph.D. They published a clinical study that looked at the effect of bariatric surgery on slowing the progression and even reversing complications of diabetes.

March 31, 2023

#WomensHistoryMonth 2023

In honor of Women's History Month, some of the NeuroNetwork shared the women that inspire them and why.

photo of University of Michigan Health Pranger ALS Clinic social worker Darla Goulet, MSW
March 30, 2023

Clinic Q&A: The Power of Social Work with Darla Goulet

Few professions match the powerful impact of striving to empower and improve the lives of those around them the way social work can. There is a very special person who has been filling this crucial function for the past seven years at the Pranger ALS Clinic and the University of Michigan Health’s Department of Neurology, Darla Goulet, MSW.

March 30, 2023

The Latest in Distal Sensory Polyneuropathy

Dr. Eva Feldman joined an international group in publishing "Advances in diagnosis and management of distal sensory polyneuropathies" in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychology.

photo of microglia from the NeuroNetwork for Emerging Therapies Lab
March 17, 2023

Altered Gene Expression Found in Obese Brains

Published in iScience , a team from the NeuroNetwork for Emerging Therapies used single-cell RNA sequencing to look at gene expression of microglia in the hippocampus that was inflamed due to obesity. These results further position microglia as a potential therapy target to preserve brain health when obesity is present.

March 14, 2023

Meet Our Statisticians

In honor of the International Day of Mathematics, hear from the NeuroNetwork's statisticians as they share how they came to love math, use it in their work, and apply it to everyday life.

March 13, 2023

A Neuropathy + Gut Connection

Kai Guo, Ph.D., lead a study published in Microbiome , that looked at changes in the microbiome (gut) in relation to a high-fat diet and neuropathy in hopes of finding a new therapeutic target for peripheral neuropathy. Currently, there are no effective treatments.

March 6, 2023

Tauber Family Extends Important Internship Program

For a decade, Joel Tauber and his wife Shelley, have sponsored a student internship program in Dr. Eva Feldman’s lab. Inspired by Tauber's learned wisdom in business, the program preparinsstudents to lead the next generation of medical research.

March 5, 2023

Report from India: New Insights into Diabetic Complications and Treatment

NeuroNetwork leadership traveled 8,000 miles to partner with Indian colleagues, led by Dr. Vijay Viswanathan of M.V. Hospital for Diabetes in Chennai, to understand what is driving a surge in diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and complications of obesity in their country and to collaborate on healthier outcomes.

March 3, 2023

A Florida Report on Brain Health

An invitation from the U-M Alumni Club of Southwest Florida offered the perfect opportunity for Dr. Eva Feldman to share recent research about how to enhance the well-being of the human brain.

March 1, 2023

VOTE! It's March Madness, Science Style!

A study that Dr. Eva Feldman contributed to was chosen for the Stat Madness tournament, braketology science style. We need you to vote by Tuesday, March 7 to make it to the next round. Published in Diabetes, Care, the paper sheds light on why people with diabetes make up 40% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.