December 16, 2021

‘Worry Burnout’ Is Real | Even in a pandemic, our capacity for catastrophe has a limit.

"That kind of all-consuming exhaustion during extreme stress is normal and expected," said Dr. Srijan Sen, Michigan Neuroscience Institute Research Professor and Director of UM's Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg and Family Depression Center in a recent New York Times article.

As quoted in the article, written by NYT journalist Dani Blum, Dr. Sen is quoted as noting that he,  "...personally observed an unexpected, significant drop in depression among health care workers, which he attributed to them having a sense of community and purpose. But as the pandemic has dragged on, he said, they have become more anguished and fatigued, as they wrestle with “a level of vigilance and concern that maybe was sustainable for two weeks or two months, but not for two years.”