January 31, 2023

Creating a Thriving MNI Postdoc Community

Q&A with MNI Postdoc Community Leader Samantha Regan, Ph.D.

Samantha Regan, Ph.D.

In early January, MNI sat down with Samantha Regan, Ph.D., to chat about MNI’s newly created Postdoctoral Community. Below are some Q&As from the conversation. If you’d like more information on the MNI Postdoc Community or would like to join the Community's leadership team, please contact Samantha at [email protected].

MNI:  Tell us a bit about yourself, Samantha.

Regan: I went to undergrad at Oberlin College, and then got my Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati where I worked under the mentorship of Dr. Charles Vorhees. I am now in the lab of Dr. Stephanie Bielas in the Department of Human Genetics where I study epigenetic and molecular mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders. While my neuroscience interest is vast, I am particularly interested in novel and pathogenic mechanisms of neurogenesis. I like to swim, run, and play with my dog in my spare time!

MNI:  What is the MNI Postdoctoral Community?

Regan: The MNI Postdoctoral Community is an MNI-sponsored collection of neuroscience postdocs from around the University of Michigan and the Medical School. The group was created to build a strong community for us — somewhere postdocs can get support, training, and opportunities to socialize and network.

MNI:  Why should other postdocs join the community?

Regan: There’s so much to be learned from our neuroscience peers! For example, I’m a fellow in Human Genetics. The research I’m doing can is relevant to neuroscientists in Psychiatry, Bioinformatics, Physiology…and so many more departments. Connecting with other neuro postdocs can not only lead to friendships and a supportive peer support system but professional collaborations in the future.

Postdocs can learn from the MNI seminar series, get valuable feedback through chalk-talk opportunities, and even apply for funds to support conference/training travel opportunities! Interested postdocs should click here to add their name to the MNI Postdoc database and join the community!

MNI:  What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

Regan: I hope to 1) grow the community in numbers, 2) gain postdoc representation from all the many neuroscience-related disciplines across campus, and 3) become a unified group that represents the best of postdocs at the University of Michigan.