November 1, 2023

University of Michigan Neuroscientists to Travel to SfN

SfN’s Neuroscience 2023 is coming up! On Saturday, November 11, neuroscientists worldwide will meet in Washington, DC, to attend this marquee event. 

Make sure to attend these U-M Neuroscience events!

Attendees will reflect a wide array of scientists – from those at the beginning of their neuroscience journey to those at the pinnacle of their careers... and everyone in between. At SfN 2023, neuroscientists will learn from each other, sharing their research and potentially creating collaborations that will result in amazing scientific breakthroughs.

As always, the University of Michigan’s presence at the event doesn’t disappoint. Almost 175 faculty, postdocs, and students will be in attendance, presenting their research, networking, attending talks and special sessions, and browsing the exhibit hall. A list of U-M presenters can be found at the bottom of this page. While we tried to capture the totality of U-M’s involvement in presenting at SfN, these are likely not comprehensive lists. We apologize in advance to any presenter we may have missed.

Special session - join MNI in honoring Huda Akil, 2023 Gruber Neuroscience Prize Recipient!

All U-M neuroscientists are encouraged to celebrate Dr. Huda Akil, 2023 Gruber Neuroscience Prize Recipient, by attending the Peter and Patricia Gruber Lecture on November 12 from 3-4:30 p.m. in WCC Hall D.

Dr. Akil will be honored with SfN’s 2023 Gruber Neuroscience Prize for her pioneering contributions to understanding the molecular, anatomical, and behavioral mechanisms of pain, stress, depression, and substance abuse. Dr. Akil also discovered that the brain has a separate opioid system for blocking pain via endorphins and a natural way of modulating depression and anxiety.

After receiving the award, Dr. Akil will present the Peter and Patricia Gruber Lecture, “The Emotional Brain: Embracing the Complexity.” Please join us at this lecture and help us celebrate Huda’s life’s work!

Preparing for Neuroscience 2023

MNI is hosting a “Data Blitz” on Thursday, November 9, highlighting some of the U-M research that will be featured at the event. Whether you’re attending SfN 2023 or not, we encourage you to RSVP and join us at BSRB’s Kahn Auditorium at 3:00 p.m. for the SfN Preview Data Blitz to learn more about your fellow colleagues’ research and enjoy a reception afterward.

Take time to be social!

On Monday, November 13, MNI and the Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) are hosting a social event held exclusively for the U-M neuroscience community. Remember the proverb about “all work and no play…” – well, it’s true! If you’re a student, postdoc, faculty member, or NGP alumni, don’t forget to RSVP for the U-M social event of the year today!


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