Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Ph.D.

Michigan Neuroscience Institute Affiliate
Michael I. Posner Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Chair, Department of Psychology

1004D East Hall

Areas of Interest

Research in my laboratory investigates the neural and cognitive mechanisms of attention, working memory and executive control. Using a combination of behavioral and neuroimaging studies we investigate such questions as:

  • How does aging effect attention, motor control, executive control and working memory?
  • What strategies and training can be used to promote efficient performance?
  • How do emotion and cognition interact?


Honors & Awards

Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award, University of Michigan, 2015

Fellow of the Psychonomic Society, 2013

Fellow of the Society of Experimental Psychologists, 2012

Justine & Yves Sergent Award for Accomplishments in Cognitive Neuroscience, 2010

Published Articles or Reviews

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