The Michigan Neuroscience Institute is committed to advancing our understanding of the brain across multiple levels of biological organization – from molecules to neurons, circuits and behaving organisms – and applying this knowledge to discover the biological causes of brain disorders, pointing the way to new strategies for their prevention and treatment.

Rigorous basic science is the cornerstone of fulfilling MNI’s scientific goals, anchored by:

  • Studies of brain development and degeneration across the lifespan – to better understand the complex and dynamic processes by which the brain organizes and reorganizes over time, and the resulting progression of many neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric illnesses
  • Research into brain circuitry and neuro signaling and their role in both cognitive and affective function and dysfunction contributing to psychiatric diseases
  • Translational analyses to drive future clinical strategies, including molecular, genetic, genomic, pharmacological, neuroimaging, physiological and behavioral studies

In FY 2020, MNI-based research was supported by nearly $8.7M in research awards, including over $4.3M from the National Institutes of Health.