Staff Positions

Research and administrative staff positions to support U-M's neuroscience community are found in many departments across the University of Michigan campus. 

Research Laboratory Tech Intermediate/Associate

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Responsible for performing rodent colony daily operations, such as setting up breeding pairs, weaning, monitoring and determining animal usage, updating online colony records, tracking cage numbers for accounting purposes.

Behavioral testing on rodents to include locomotor testing, and self-administration testing. Rodent survival surgeries. Tissue collection and process samples. Genotyping, phenotyping, general wet lab work.

Research Laboratory Tech Inter

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Experimental & Project Management Responsibilities:

  • Perform Drosophila genetics and behavioral experiments, including sleep and circadian rhythms assays and analysis. 
  • Maintain detailed records of results, including collecting, extracting & entering data.
  • Analyze experimental results using customized software and common graphing and statistical software.
  • Summarize and discuss experimental results.

Lab Management

  • Assist in overseeing the laboratory's day-to-day operations, including some or all of the following: supply ordering, personnel scheduling, and promoting compliance with lab safety requirements.
  • Assist with procurement activities by handling and/or supervising the purchasing, receipt, and inventory of reagents, supplies, equipment, and services.
  • Assist with supervising undergraduate research assistants and involvement in the lab, especially in maintaining Drosophila strains and producing food and reagents for Drosophila experiments.
  • Assist as needed with the maintenance of Drosophila strains, behavioral assay reagents, and other critical reagents.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop and achieve short- and long-range plans.
  • Coordinate proper waste disposal according to University standards
  • Learn essential lab techniques and procedures and assist with training new lab members
  • Attend weekly lab meetings
  • Ensure lab compliance with University, state, and federal laboratory safety regulations.
  • Assist with establishing/updating protocols for lab procedures as needed.

Other support duties as requested.

Research Laboratory Specialist Assoc

The Kwan Lab seeks a Research Laboratory Specialist Associate to support a laboratory group studying neural circuit development and neurodevelopmental disorders using genetic, genomic, and imaging techniques. The position involves performing complex experimental procedures and techniques in molecular biology, genomics, biochemistry, rodent genetics, and neuroanatomy. Additional responsibilities include personnel training, ordering supplies and consumables, maintenance of animal colony, and ensuring compliance with university regulations.