Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is responsible for the overall management of the MNORC.

The Administrative Core sets goals and objectives of the Center's operation and conducts ongoing review of the Center through consultation and survey of the Center's membership, advice of internal committees and through discussions with external experts and organizations including the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, the Nutrition Society, the American Obesity Association, the American Pediatric Association, the American Diabetes Association and other professional organizations.

The Administrative Core promotes the vision of the MNORC to bring together basic, translational and clinical researchers and to provide each researcher the opportunity to take advantage of the skills of faculty and staff and tools available at the University of Michigan.

We provide leadership, infrastructure and resources to:

  • Promote the integration of basic research technologies into preclinical, clinical and translational research studies
  • Facilitate the interaction between basic and clinical researchers in nutrition, obesity and related fields
  • Oversee the Investigational Weight Management Clinic
  • Enrich the intellectual environment in obesity and nutrition through seminars, symposia, classes and clinical research and clinical care opportunities for faculty, students, and other trainees
  • Recruit, train and retain basic, clinical and population-based researchers in the area of nutrition interventions and obesity and related metabolic disorders

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Randy Seeley, PhD

MNORC Director