Enrichment Programs

The goal of the Enrichment Program is to translate and promote communication of research findings from MNORC members and other researchers in nutrition and obesity related fields.

To achieve this goal, the Enrichment Program has four objectives:

  • To evaluate, refine, and apply new findings regarding nutrition and obesity interventions to clinical and population based research.
  • To enrich the intellectual and educational environment for researchers in obesity and nutrition at the University of Michigan.
  • To recruit, train, motivate, and retain basic, clinical and population-based researchers in the areas of obesity, other metabolic disorders, and nutrition interventions.
  • To disseminate knowledge to the research community and public to ensure public policy decisions regarding healthcare resources are made in an informed environment.

The MNORC Enrichment Programs provide opportunities for University of Michigan faculty, students, and researchers to engage in an exchange of new research findings and ideas through discussions and collaborative networking opportunities afforded by an annual symposium, seminar series, and a journal club. Expansions in didactic opportunities for students in the Schools of Medicine, Kinesiology, and Public Health and expansion of the MNORC faculty base also featured prominently in enrichment efforts. At a statewide level, the Human Nutrition Program at the University of Michigan School of Public Health has been integrally involved in addressing obesity prevention and reduction methods.

Our Enrichment Programs

MNORC Symposium

This annual symposium supported by the MNORC promotes the discussion of innovative research related to obesity, nutrition, and metabolomics and connects investigators throughout the University of Michigan and southeastern Michigan.

Seminars, Clubs & Training

The MNORC provides opportunities to connect the nutrition and obesity research community at the University of Michigan through a variety of seminar series, clubs, and training opportunities.