Mentors & Projects for Research Track Students

This list offers examples of research projects that may be available to RESEARCH TRACK students. 

This list is subject to change.  Please email to request the most updated Mentors list.

Genetics Modifiers of Pancreatic and Liver Diseases

Faculty: Bishr Omary

Desired Experience:

  • Prefer some experience with basic biochemical and cellular procedures (eg: cell culture, running of agarose gels and SDS-page)

Systems Engineering Approaches to Understanding the Biophysical and Biochemical Operation of Physiological Systems

Faculty: Daniel Beard

Desired Experience:

  • A background in physical sciences (chemistry, physics) engineering or applied mathematics would be useful

Human Growth Regulation

Faculty: Jessica Schwartz

Desired Experience:

  • Experience in genetic research and/or with computational tools is helpful, but not required.
  • Experience with pcr or DNA sequence analysis also helpful, but not required.

Defining the Mechanisms Regulating Adrenal or Ovarian Steroid Production Using Cell Culture Model Systems

Faculty: William Rainey

Desired Experience:

  • Tissue Culture
  • Basic Molecular Biology

Age-Associated and Obesity-Prompted Diseases

Faculty: Jun Hee Lee

Desired Experience

  • Non required, will train

Musculoskeletal tissue engineering

Faculty: Lisa Larkin

Desired Experience

  • Non required, will train

Molecular and genetic dissection of aging and longevity

Faculty: Ao-Lin Hsu

Desired Experience

  • Some experience in operating

Molecular and genetic dissection of behavior and aging

Faculty: Shawn Xu

Circadian rhythms and Neuroplasticity

Faculty: Jimo Borjigin

Molecular mechanisms of Muscular Dystrophy and Genetic

Faculty: Daniel Michele

Desired Experience

  • Familiar with or previously performed basic molecular biology techniques
  • Cardiomyopathies (Plasmid DNA, PCR, Western Blotting, Cell Culture)
  • Willing to work with animals?

Neural plasticity following auditory deafferentation

Faculty: Susan Shore

Desired Experience

  • Desire to learn and commitment to the project

Establish the mechanisms underlying intestinal growth

Faculty: Santiago Schnell

Desired Experience

  • Students with confidence to work on problems
  • Willing to learn some advanced quantitative and physical inclined mathematics and physics?
  • Confident with software or programming?

Role of oxygen signaling in intestinal cancer

Faculty: Yatrik Shah

Desired Experience

  • Will train
  • Willing to work with animals?


The final list of mentors for the Class of 2018-2019. This list is updated regularly.