conference room teaching

All MIP students are required to participate as a teaching assistant for one term. Since teaching and effective presentations of research are vital components of a career in biomedical science, all students are given instruction in methods of teaching. Graduate students run weekly conference sections for an undergraduate physiology course (PHYSIOL 201); this involves explaining challenging concepts, answering questions, and developing and reviewing practice exams. Currently, Elizabeth Rust, an MIP faculty member, serves as Teaching Coordinator. Students receive evaluation and feedback from Dr. Rust as well as an additional MIP faculty member. Teaching assistants are also evaluated by the undergraduate students within their section. Students are expected to attend lectures, prepare material to present in review sessions, grade papers, and participate in exams. The teaching requirement must be fulfilled prior to completion of the degree.

Some students wish to gain additional teaching experiences beyond that which is required. MIP faculty are highly supportive of providing additional teaching opportunities and working with students on an individual basis to identify, coach and critique such experiences. Additional teaching opportunities have included leading small group discussions to medical students, teaching several lectures or entire sections in various courses, being a teaching assistant in courses in MIP or other departments, teaching entire courses at the University of Michigan or other local institutions, such as Washtenaw Community College. Students wishing to obtain such opportunities should speak to their mentors and faculty who direct courses.