Systems & Integrative Biology Training Grant T-32-GM008322

This program is designed to train doctoral students in contemporary Systems & Integrative Biology. For details see: Goals of the Program. Our NIH funded program is now in its 26th year and  supports 6 students each year. Malcolm Low is the program director, Santiago Schnell is the Associate Director and Michele Boggs provides student services. The Training Faculty includes 56 individuals from 15 departments who share an interest in SIB. The course requirements are designed to allow students from different backgrounds and PhD programs to participate. Trainees also will participate in a monthly Systems Biology Workshop and an annual Spring Research Symposium.

Priority is given to students in their 2nd and 3rd year of graduate study and funding is normally for two years. To be considered for membership in the program students must make a formal application to the Training Grant Operating Committee; applications are considered yearly in the spring. We value and encourage students from underrepresented minority or ethnic groups and those with disabilities to apply to our program.  However, funding is limited to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.