January 19, 2022

Michigan Postdoctoral Pioneer Program is Accepting Applications

The Michigan Postdoctoral Pioneer Program has been established by the Endowment for Basic Sciences (EBS) to provide financial and mentoring support to highly motivated and accomplished post-doctoral fellows bound for research-intensive careers. MP3 awardees will be appointed for three years, receive a stipend corresponding to 120% of the NIH pay scale for postdoctoral fellows and strong support from MP3 program directors. The EBS will contribute 25% of the financial and logistical support, while participating mentor(s) will provide 75% of the financial support.  Postdoctoral fellows who have been in rank for 12 months or less at the time of award activation, and are not externally funded, are eligible for this Program.

Awardees will have an independent mentoring committee to review their progress and discuss future plans every six months. A sum of $15,000 will be placed under the control of the award recipient to cover expenses related to attending scientific meetings, training and professional development, and their research endeavors. Program awardees will be expected to present their accomplishments in the context of an annual symposium. Awardees will participate in a rigorous grant writing workshop for transition awards and K-fellowships. Moreover, Awardees will attend professional developmental activities through workshops, where they will learn how to apply and land a faculty job, how to set up an independent laboratory, and develop a short- and long-term plans to be a successful faculty member.

Interested applicants can apply here:  https://umichpioneerprogram.org/