Tran Phuc Khoa Le, PhD

Costas Lyssiotis Lab

Areas of Interest

My research aims to unlock the role of metabolic and epigenetic landscapes in development, physiology and cancer pathogenesis.


  • PhD, Stem Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Published Articles or Reviews

  1. Khoa, L.T.P., Yang, W., Shan, M., Zhang, L., Mao, F., Zhou, B., Li, Q., Malcore, R., Harris, C., Zhao, L., Rao, R., Iwase, S., Kalantry, S., Bielas, S., Lyssiotis, C.A., Dou, Y. (2024). Quiescence Enables Unrestricted Cell Fate in Naive Embryonic Stem Cells. Nat Commun 15, 1721. PMID: 38409226  
  2. Khoa, L.T.P., Tsan, Y.C., Mao, F., Kremer, D., Sajjakulnukit, P., Zhang, L., Zhou, B., Tong, X., Bhanu, N.V., Choudhary, C., Garcia, B.A., Yin, L., Smith, G.D., Saunders, T.L., Bielas, S., Lyssiotis, C.A., Dou, Y. (2020). Histone Acetyltransferase MOF Blocks Acquisition of Quiescence in Ground-State ESCs through Activating Fatty Acid Oxidation. Cell Stem Cell 27, 441-458. PMID: 32610040
  3. Khoa, L.T.P.#, Dou, Y#. (2020). In Vitro Derivation of Quiescent Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Based on Distinct Mitochondrial Activity. STAR Protocols 1, 100136. PMID: 33377030. #Co-correspondence.  
  4. Zhang, H., Khoa, L.T.P., Mao, F., Xu, H., Zhou, B., Han, Y., O'Leary, M., Nusrat, A., Saunders, T.L., Wang, L., and Dou, Y. (2019). MLL1 Inhibition and Vitamin D Signaling Cooperate to Facilitate the Expanded Pluripotency State. Cell Reports 29, 2659–2671. PMID: 31775036
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  6. Khoa, L.T.P., and Dou, Y. (2017). Phosphoproteomics Links Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 to RNA Splicing. J Bio Chem. 292, 18256–18257. PMID: 29101250

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