Xiaoting Dai, PhD

Longhua Guo Lab

Areas of Interest

I have a broad interest in stem cell and aging research. Currently, my research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of planarian regeneration and aging using the single-cell omics

Honors & Awards

Springer best poster award at Marine Biotechnology Conference held on Sept 2019 in Shizuoka, Japan


PhD, Marine Biology, Ocean University of China, China

Published Articles or Reviews

  1. Dai X1, Zhu X1, Bao L1, Chen X, Wang S*, Wang J*et al. Decoding the byssus fabrication by spatiotemporal secretome analysis of scallop foot. Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 2022, 20: 2713-2722. ( 1 equal first authors)
  2. Zhu X1, Zhang F1, Lian S*, Wang Y, Hu N, Chen X, Dai X, Hu X, Wang S, Bao Z. IAPs gene expansion in the scallop Patinopecten yessoensis and their expression profiles after exposure to the toxic dinoflagellate. Frontiers in physiology 2021, 12: 633301.
  3. Xu K1, Wang Y1, Lian S*, Hu N, Chen X, Dai X, Zhang L, Wang S, Hu J, Hu X, Bao Z. Expansion of C1Q genes in zhikong scallop and their expression profiling after exposure to the toxic dinoflagellates. Frontiers in Marine Science 2021, 8: 640425.
  4. Wang J1, Zhang L1, Lian S1, Qin Z1, Zhu X1, Dai X, Huang Z, Ke C, Zhou Z, Wei J et al. Evolutionary transcriptomics of metazoan biphasic life cycle supports a single intercalation origin of metazoan larvae. Nature Ecology & Evolution 2020, 4(5): 725-736.
  5. Liu S1, Chen X1, Lian S*, Dai X, Hu N, Zhang F, Zhang L, Bao Z, Wang S. Genome-wide identification and expression profiling of the Wnt gene family in three bivalve molluscs. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology: Part D, Genomics & Proteomics 2019, 29: 299-307.
  6. Lian S, Wang J, Zhang L, Xing Q, Hu N, Liu S, Dai X, Zhang F, Hu X, Bao Z, Wang S*. Integration of biochemical, cellular, and genetic indicators for understanding the aging process in a bivalve mollusk Chlamys farreri. Marine Biotechnology 2019, 21(5): 718-730.
  7. Xu P1, Dai X1, Wang D, Miao Y, Zhang X, Wang S, Teng L, Dong B, Bao Z, Wang S, Lyu Q*, Liu W*. The discovered chimeric protein plays the cohesive role to maintain scallop byssal root structural integrity. Scientific Reports 2018, 8(1): 17082. ( 1 equal first authors)
  8. Zhang X1, Dai X1, Wang L, Miao Y, Xu P, Liang P, Dong B, Bao Z, Wang S, Lyu Q*, Liu W*. Characterization of an atypical metalloproteinase inhibitors like protein (Sbp8-1) from scallop byssus. Frontiers in physiology 2018, 9: 597. ( 1 equal first authors)
  9. Dou H, Miao Y, Li Y*, Li Y, Dai X, Zhang X, Liang P, Liu W, Wang S, Bao Z. Characterization of Chiton Ischnochiton hakodadensis foot based on transcriptome sequencing. Journal of Ocean University of China 2018, 17(3): 632-640.

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