Yina Wang, PhD

Liangyou Rui Lab

Areas of Interest

To understand how changes in the cellular composition of tissues can affect metabolism and disease progression. Currently, I am working withNF-κB-inducing kinase (NIK) knock-out mice to research the role of NIK in metabolism, tissue remodeling and tumor progression.

Honors & Awards

  • Excellent Academic Scholarship, awarded at Fudan University, China on Oct, 2020
  • National Natural Science Foundation, awarded at Shanghai, China on Aug, 2023
  • China Postdoctoral Science Foundation awarded at Shanghai, China on Jun, 2020


PhD, Medical Biology, Biochemistry and molecular biology.

Published Articles or Reviews

  • Yi-Na Wang; Wang Yuan-Yuan; Wang Jin; Ba Wen-Juan; Miao Nai-Jun; Wang Jing. Vinblastine resets tumor-associated macrophages toward M1 phenotype and promotes antitumor immune response. Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer, 2023, 11(8):e007253.
  • Yi-Na Wang; Yan Tang; Zhihui He; Hong Ma; Linyuan Wang; Yang Liu; Qiqi Yang; Dongning Pan; Cuiqing Zhu; Shuwen Qian; Qi-Qun Tang. Slit3 secreted from M2-like macrophages increases sympathetic activity and thermogenesis in adipose tissue. Nature metabolism, 2021, 3(11): 1536-1551.
  • Ying Zou#Yi-Na Wang#; Hong Ma; Zhihui He; Tang Tang; Liang Guo; Yang Liu; Meng Ding; Shuwen Qian; Qi-Qun Tang. SCD1 promotes lipid mobilization in subcutaneous white adipose tissue. Journal of Molecular Cell Biology. 2020, 61(12): 1589-1604.(#These authors contributed equally)
  • Yi-Na Wang; Qi-Qun Tang; Shuwen Qian. Overview of innervation of adipose tissue. Chinese Bulletin of Life Sciences, 2020, 32(11): 1143-1150.
  • Shuwen Qian; Mengyuan Wu; Yi-Na Wang; Yaxin Zhao; Ying Zou; Jiabao Pan; Yan Tang; Yang Liu; Liang Guo; Qi-Qun Tang. BMP4 facilitates beige fat biogenesis via regulating adipose tissue macrophages. Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, 2019, 1(11): 14-25.
  • Yaxin Zhao; Jiabao Pan; Yi-Na Wang; Ying Zou; Liang Guo; Qi-Qun Tang; Shuwen Qian. Stimulation of histamine H4 receptor participates in cold-induced browning of subcutaneous white adipose tissue. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2019, 317(6): E1158-E1171.
  • Yan Tang, Yi He, Chen Li, Wenjuan Mu, Ying Zou, Conghui Liu, Shuwen Qia, Fuchuang Zhang, Jiabao Pan, Yina Wang, Haiyan Huang, Dongning Pan, Pengyuan Yang, Ju Mei, Rong Zeng, Qi-Qun Tang. RPS3A positively regulates the mitochondrial function of human periaortic adipose tissue and is associated with coronary artery diseases. Cell Discovery, 2018, 4:52.

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