Daniel Mannion, M.D.

Adult Neurology, Class of 2025


Undergraduate School: Saint Louis University
Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine

I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. The son of two accountants, I wanted to do just about anything else with my life. I don't remember exactly when I wanted to become a doctor, but I do remember considering it my Plan B in case professional baseball didn't work out (spoiler, it didn't). While I never competed professionally, my baseball talents did take me to Saint Louis University, where I also attended medical school and fell in love with the neurosciences. University of Michigan was an easy choice for neurology residency, thanks to the outstanding energy and creativity displayed by the residents and faculty!
On a side note, despite devoting most of my waking hours to studying and practicing medicine, I still optimistically consider it a Plan B to professional athletics. These days, pickleball is my sport of choice, introduced to me with enthusiasm by my neurology co-residents!

Fun fact: The majority of my free time is spent either playing sports or prototyping my million-dollar ideas (none of which have panned out... yet) on my 3D printers.

My theme song: Enter Sandman - Metallica