Piche, Jessica

Jessica Piché, MD

Adult Neurology, Class of 2022


Undergraduate school: Augustana University

Medical school: University of South Dakota

A very short biography:
I lived most of my life in South Dakota and when looking for residencies I wanted to get out of the Midwest (yes, South Dakota is still in the Midwest) and go either to an East or West coast residency. Never did I think I’d be in Michigan, but I was blown away during my interview with how friendly, fun, and close the residents were to one another and how supportive the program was to them. In addition, the most intelligent and kindest neurologist I had the privileged of knowing from back home completed her residency at the University of Michigan. Thus, I knew that this top tier neurology program would help me become one of the best neurologist I can be. At this time, I’m thinking of specializing in MS to help people like my grandmother who has the disease, but the great thing about Michigan is it has so many other specialties to explore that I may find something else that piques my interest.

One interesting personal thing we should know about you: I love being active. Hiking, getting a run in, or walking my dog Ripley (named after one of the greatest heroine in film) is the best part of the day.

Theme song: “Counting Stars” by One Republic