Jonathan Gaillard, M.D., M.S. HlthSc

Child Neurology, Class of 2024


Undergraduate School:  University of Virginia

Medical School: Medical School: Yale University School of Medicine

My wife and I could not have been happier to have couples matched together at the University of Michigan. Out of all the places we applied, U of M was by far the most accommodating and treated as a both individuals and as a combined pair. Thanks to our program directors we were able to coordinate our interviews together, spend some extra time exploring the area, and really enjoyed meeting all the amazing people here at U of M! Michigan offers multiple pathways for me to pursue and get involved in research. Since couples matching to U of M, we bought a house on the southwest side of Ann Arbor and we got a big yellow lab (Argos) who loves to play in the backyard. We have learned a lot about fixing up our house and doing some renovations. I also enjoy swimming, biking, and running. I enjoy racing and hope to do more marathons once the pandemic ends.

Fun fact: I am an avid audiobook listener and love sci-fi/fantasy. I am usually listening to something while walking the dog, doing housework, driving to work, running, or just hanging out around the house.

My theme song: "Out of Tartarus" by Darren Korb