Kaitlyn Cartwright, M.D.

Child Neurology, Class of 2023


Undergraduate School: University of Kentucky

Medical School: University of Kentucky

I grew up in a small town in Kentucky. I moved to Lexington for college where I majored in biosystems and agricultural engineering. I loved Lexington so I stayed there for medical school as well. I met my husband, Chris, in undergrad and we got married during medical school. As neither of us had ever lived outside of Kentucky, we decided to see a little bit more of the world and made it to Ann Arbor for residency. We love the size of Ann Arbor, the Midwest culture, and all of the trees. We have a dog named Cooper, who is pretty spoiled. Now that I'm finishing up the pediatrics part of my training, I'm looking forward to focusing more on neurology.

Fun fact: I enjoy board games more about efficiently managing resources than getting lucky with a roll of the dice and can get pretty competitive. Some of my favorites are Terra Mystica, Agricola, and Patchwork. 

Theme song: "This Too Shall Pass" by Ok Go