Pirau, Letitia

Letitia Pirau, M.D.

Adult Neurology, Class of 2023


Undergraduate school: University of California - Berkeley

Medical school: California Northstate University

Although I spent my childhood in Michigan, I moved to California in my early teenage years. In undergraduate, I originally had my eyes set on Art History degree, but as the years went on I realized how much I loved something else-- medicine! While juggling between Dutch and Roman art classes, I managed to squeeze an intro to neuroscience and motor control class. From then on, I realized my heart was set on neurology! While the weather is hard to beat in California, I loved my interview day at U of M and the atmosphere here in Ann Arbor so much that I was ready to make the move back to Michigan! I’m excited to be part of such a high-quality academic program with enthusiastic faculty and wonderful residents!

Fun fact : I love to paint!

Theme song : Bee Jees “Stayin Alive”