The Michigan Concussion Center

Concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) has received increased recognition and concern among clinicians, researchers, military personnel, sporting organizations, athletes and parents, and the general population. It is now a major public health concern facing the medical community and society at large in the United States and worldwide

In Fall 2018 Drs. Eckner, Almeida and Lorincz were part of the leadership team that successfully applied for a University of Michigan Biosciences Initiative grant. The $5.6-million-dollar grant will support creation of the Michigan Concussion Center, a Category 1 University of Michigan Center. The Michigan NeuroSport Research program is an integral part of the Michigan Concussion Center. It is anticipated that the Michigan Concussion Center will provide the critical infrastructure and foster collaborations to accelerate and advance future clinical and translational concussion research. A goal of the Michigan Concussion Center is to position the University of Michigan as a leader in concussion research and a coordinating center for pivotal trials that will positively transform the concussion care landscape.
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