Neurologic Care and Administrative Services for Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan

Sport Neurology and concussion are increasingly important and controversial at the NCAA level. Michigan NeuroSport provides neurologic care for this unique population with the mission to provide athlete centered care for neurologic sport-related injury, including concussion and its potential for long-term consequences, both on the athletic campuses and in the outpatient Michigan NeuroSport clinic. Michigan NeuroSport provides care for ~1600 NCAA Division-1 and Olympic athletes. Drs. Almeida, Farsworth, Popovich, and Lorincz are team physicians for Eastern Michigan University. Drs. Almeida and Lorincz are Neurologic Consultants for the University of Michigan. Their responsibilities include care for all athletes in the training room, during practices, in the outpatient clinic and sideline football coverage.

In conjunction with University of Michigan MedSport Athletic trainers, NeuroSport provides direct neurologic care for 17 regional high schools. There is an Athletic Trainer placed at each individual high school, who provides all medical care. NeuroSport collaborates with these Athletic Trainers to provide neurologic care, education and administrative support (i.e., review / creation of Concussion Protocols and Neurologic Pre-Participation Evaluation or “Baseline testing”).