August 18, 2019

Dr. David Irani discusses experimental stem cell treatment for MS in ‘Ann Arbor News/MLive’ is reasonable for patients to consider experimental treatment if all options are exhausted.

“Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is a novel treatment strategy being investigated in multiple sclerosis, with some promising early results reported by centers with experience using this approach,” Irani wrote in an email. “The thought behind HSCT is that, through large doses of chemotherapy and radiation, followed by a transplant of the patient’s own bone marrow stem cells, it could be possible to wipe out the disease-causing parts of the immune system and essentially start over. It’s highly experimental and not FDA approved, and the treatment is not commonplace. Currently, only a handful of centers offer it at a steep out-of-pocket cost.

“A common scenario I see at Michigan Medicine’s Multiple Sclerosis Clinic is a patient diagnosed with MS who is worsening because they have been undertreated with approved therapies."...