August 2023 News

August 26, 2023

The mystery of why some people develop ALS

Depending on the type of ALS, "the extent that disease can be explained by genetic factors is only about 8% to 60%," explains Dr. Eva Feldman. "We suspected the presence of what we term the ALS 'exposome', which is the sum of toxic environmental exposures that increase risk."
August 16, 2023

Duration of T2D Negatively Linked to Mean Cortical Thickness

"Regardless of the underlying mechanisms, preventing these conditions in people with type 2 diabetes is critical to maintaining brain health. Educating the public on the risks that diabetes poses to preserving a healthy brain is part of our mission," said Dr. Eva Feldman.
August 9, 2023

Helping loved ones with cognitive decline check in the car keys

Dr. Lewis Morgenstern noted that some people with early mild cognitive impairment “are likely still able to drive safely and that driving enhances their independence and preserved role in the community.” He advises caregivers to speak to the person’s GP about safety issues with cognitive impairment, including driving and home safety.