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August 10, 2022

New Hope for Patients with Rare Epilepsy

Like Bunyan and John Henry, he loves tall tales, says his mother, Susie Luebke. It makes sense, given the 8-year-old’s life. The stories are full of characters tackling enormous obstacles.

Tello, who is from Ann Arbor, began having seizures when he was 5 months old, including some so severe he had to be intubated in the ICU. At age 3,

August 1, 2022

A blow to Michigan Alzheimer’s patients after research fraud claim

While amyloid “is clearly an important component of Alzheimer's,” Paulson said, “it's not the only component, and it's not the end-all component.” In other words, there are other areas of research to be pursued...The ugly truth is that fraud in science does happen, said Paulson, who helps edit academic journals and said he, himself, has called out
July 28, 2022

Research Into Preventing ALS

Dr. Stephen Goutman, Director of the Pranger ALS Clinic and Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Michigan, discusses ALS risk factors and the burgeoning science of preventing ALS.

July 27, 2022


Eva L. Feldman , the James W. Albers Distinguished University Professor of Neurology.

“Professor Feldman is a gifted educator and mentor who teaches fellows and residents and imparts her extraordinary clinical expertise to the next generation of health care providers. … In particular, she is an inspiration and strong advocate for women

July 15, 2022

Owning a Pet May Help Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Get Older

Dr. Tiffany Braley was careful to note that this study can’t prove a cause-and-effect relationship between ownership and cognition, but these findings provide early evidence that suggests long-term pet ownership could be protective against cognitive decline.
July 11, 2022

Hearing is Healing

A patient finally gets answers to his health concerns, thanks to “a doctor who listened closely” to his symptoms.