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November 19, 2023

Free sleep clinic reduces sleep health inequities in southeast Michigan

We are grateful to be able to support the mission of the AASM Foundation and excited to improve sleep health among vulnerable adults who live in our surrounding communities and experience poverty. We believe that access to health care is a human right and will continue our free sleep clinic for the years to come. Dr. Galit Levi
November 17, 2023

Team Links Concussions to Suicidal Thoughts in High School Athletes

“This type of research is never easy to discuss, but it is vitally important to understand who is at risk and why,” says Steve Broglio. “Anyone who has concern for any student-athlete should not be afraid to reach out and help find the appropriate resources.”
November 7, 2023

University of Michigan Concussion Center helps athletes with head injuries

“There’s still a lot of misinformation around concussion — what the signs and symptoms are, how to best manage the injury,” said Broglio, who also is a professor of kinesiology in the School of Kinesiology, and adjunct professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation and of neurology.