Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center

Tapping the power of the university’s top-ranked programs and world-class researchers, we attack these diseases with a range of promising approaches. 

This multidisciplinary center is a hub of aggressive campus-wide effort toward a better understanding of, and eventually a cure for, Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. 

Defining disease mechanisms

The center investigates how the brain handles toxic proteins in various dementias in the hope that we can clear these bad actors from the brain.

Discovering biomarkers

It explores novel disease biomarkers that will improve diagnosis and may lead us to targeted clinical treatments.

Pioneering brain imaging

We apply advanced imaging techniques to achieve earlier and more accurate diagnosis and to make discoveries about disease pathways.

Seeking therapies

Our investigators participate in a growing number of clinical trials that test potential disease-slowing therapy for Alzheimer's.

Improving brain health

The center sponsors innovative wellness programs for patients, families and caregivers that focus on improving the lives of those living with or affected by the disease.