NIH-funded Clinical Trials in Stroke

As a Regional Coordinating Center as part of StrokeNet, the University of Michigan participates in NIH-funded trials including acute stroke, prevention, and rehabilitation/recovery trials. We currently participate in the following:

ARCADIA: Atrial Cardiopathy and Antithrombotic Drugs in Prevention After Cryptogenic Stroke
Site PI: Jim Burke, MD, MS

CREST-2: Carotid Revascularization and Medical Management for Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis
Site PI: Nick Osborne, MD, MS

MOST Trial:  Mult-Arm Optimization of Stroke Thrombolysis
Site PI: Cemal Sozener, MD, MEng

Sleep SMART: Sleep for Stroke Management and Recovery Trial
Primary PI’s and event adjudicators are at the University of Michigan

I-ACQUIRE: Perinatal Arterial Stroke: A Multi-site RCT of Intensive Infant Rehabilitation
Site PI: Jessica Pruente, MD

Coming soon:
ASPIRE: Anticoagulation in ICH Survivors for Prevention and Recovery
Site PI: Aditya Pandey, MD
SATURN: Statins Use in intracerebral hemorrhage patients
Site PI: Aditya Pandey, MD