Project Title

Outcomes Among Surrogate Decision Makers In Stroke (R01NS091112)


Often, people with stroke need help from another person to make decisions about important medical treatments. However, we know very little about the experience and outcomes of these family members who make medical decisions for a loved one with a stroke.

This study aims to answer important questions about how doctors communicate with family decision makers during these difficult times, how people make decisions for stroke patients, and the long-term impact on those who serve as decision-makers for stroke patients.

OASIS Study Staff

Principal Investigators:
Project Manager:
  • Erin Case, BA
  • Melinda Cox, Dr PH
Project Coordinator:
  • Carmen Ortiz
OASIS Project Staff:
  • Rebecca Lank
  • JeanEva Alverez
Collaborating Neurologists:
  • Morgan Campbell, MD
  • Blake O’Lavin, MD